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San Diego Regional Immunization Registry

User Training Manuals

Registry application instructions when you need them!

SDIR/CAIR wants all users to have the resources they need to use the registry application most efficiently and effectively. We maintain an online user manual that will take you through each section of the application and give you instructions and information on the purpose of that section. You can refer to the user manual as often as you need instructions on pages or functions that you do not use very often or that have changed since you last took in-person training. We make the best effort to keep these online training manuals up-to-date so please let us know if you see any gaps or have any suggestions on how to make the user training manuals easier to use and understand. Please choose among the three manuals, one for each of the three levels of SDIR users.

  1. (Please Note: This manual is temporarily unavailable because it is being revised. Thank you for your patience.)The “Standard or Full user” manual is for health care providers that administer vaccines and document immunization history. This version of the user manual is the most extensive and includes all aspects of the registry application.

  2. The “Read-Only User” manual is for users that do not administer immunizations. These users are generally school district personnel and child care providers who are required by state law to assess and record required immunizations for school or child care entry. Recently, read-only users have been given access to enter medical, philosophical, or religious waivers along with disease history (as documented by a health care provider on the immunization record). These users can read/view the immunization screen and print out Patient Immunization History, the California Immunization Record (yellow card) and the California School Immunization Record (blue card).

  3. (Please Note: This manual is temporarily unavailable because it is being revised. Thank you for your patience.)The "Limited Clinical Provider (LCP)" user manual is for users that enter records and/or give immunizations. This is generally limited to CalWORKS and WIC programs. Following state law, this level of users cannot enter or view the patient/client's address, social security number, or Medi-Cal identification number (even though they may have this information already in their own files). However, LCP users are able to enter historical immunization records and any type of vaccine waiver/exemption. LCP users may also view the Immunization screen, print out the Assessment Report, Patient Immunization History, the California Immunization Record (yellow card), andd the California School Immunization Record (blue card). LCP users can run some reports, particularly the Immunization Assessment Report which summarizes data entry by users into the registry.

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