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San Diego Regional Immunization Registry

User Training Manuals ~ Limited Clinical Provider
What is a SDIR Limited Clinical Provider?
SDIR has several different levels of user access which are required based on state law and the HIPAA ‘need-to-know’ guideline. There are full users, Limited Clinical Providers (LCPs) and read or view-only users.

The "Limited Clinical Provider (LCP)" user manual is for users that enter records and/or give immunizations. Click here to go directly to the LCP User Manual.

The LCP user designation covers Women, Infant and Children (WIC) users, the County of San Diego HHSA CalWORKS (California Work Opportunity and Responsibility to Kids) ‘welfare’ programs and schools (which are also read-only users). According to the state law that governs immunization registries—California Health and Safety Code Section 120440, entities such as schools, child care, facilities, WIC, health care plans, and county welfare departments are authorized to participate in the immunization information system (registry). In the case of schools, child care facilities, family child care homes, and county welfare departments, the purpose of their access is to carry out their responsibilities regarding required immunization for attendance or participation benefits, or both, as described in the California Health and Safety code and in the Welfare and Institutions Code.

According to state law, schools, child care facilities, family child care homes, WIC service providers, county welfare departments, and health care plans shall maintain the confidentiality of demographic and immunization information in the same manner as other client, patient, and pupil information that they possess. These institutions and providers are subject to civil action and criminal penalties for the wrongful disclosure of any of the individual’s personal information.

Furthermore, users within these entities, which in the SDIR are categorized as LCPs will not be able to view or see on printed records from the registry any information pertaining to the individual’s or their parent’s/guardian’s address, phone number, SSN, and Medi-Cal number. LCP users are allowed and encouraged to enter and view all other demographic and immunization information.

As outlined in formal agreements between SDIR and, WIC, CalWORKS and school districts, users from these organizations will copy immunization information and documented disease history into the registry from the individual California Immunization Record (CIR) also known as the yellow card.

With the exception of the four demographic data elements previously mentioned, LCP users are able to enter all other pertinent information on the individual. They can also print out from the SDIR several important documents such as the California Immunization Record (yellow card) and for school users, the California School Immunization Record (blue card). The LCP user’s manual explains other features and functions available to the LCP user.

Limited Clinical Provider (LCP) User Manual and User Forms

Table of Contents (pdf - 3 pages)
Introduction (pdf -11 pages)
Topics Include:
  • What is the San Diego Regional Immunization Registry?
  • What Services Can Registry Staff Offer Providers?
  • Help Desk
  • Online Resources
  • Disclosure
  • Confidentiality Oath

Section 1 - Login, Logout & Save, Alerts & Broadcast Messages
(pdf - 4 pages)

Topics Include:
  • How Do You Login?
  • Reading SDIR Broadcast Messages
  • How To Logout

Section 2 - Search (pdf - 21 pages)
Topics Include:
  • How to Search for a Patient
  • Display of Records and Confidential Records
  • If Your Patient is NOT Displayed and How to Enter a New Patient
  • How to Link Duplicate Home Records
    • Method One: How to Work With Duplicate Home Records
    • Method Two: Merge LINKED Duplicate Home Records
Section 3 - Demographics (pdf - 5 pages)
Topics Include:
  • How to Archive a Record
  • How Do You Change the Confidentiality Status of the Patient?

Section 4 - Immunization (pdf - 21 pages)
Topics Include:

Section 5 - Activity Log
(pdf - 4 pages)

Topics Include:
  • How to Display Activities
  • How to Add New ActivitiesHow to Flag an Activity as Important
  • Activity Log Module Descriptions


Section 6 - Utility (pdf - 9 pages)
Topics Include:


  • How to Change Your Password
  • How to Change the Facility
  • How to Log Out


  • Assessment Report - Summary
  • Assessment Report - Detailed
  • Report Batch

Section 7 - Advanced Features/Editing (pdf - 9 pages)
Topics Include:
  • How to do an Advanced Search
  • How to Unlink a Patient Record
  • How to Edit Immunizations
  • How to Edit and Activity in the Activity Log
Section 8 - Frequently Asked Questions (pdf - 2 pages)
Section 9 - Data Entry Guidelines (pdf - 13 pages)
Section 10 - Why Does SDIR Work This Way? (pdf - 11 pages)
Index (pdf -4 pages)

CAIR-SDIR Disclosure Statement

CAIR-SDIR Decline to Share Form
Have patient/parent/guardian sign, then file in patient chart.

CAIR-SDIR Application Security Acknowledgement Form (pdf)
(replaces CAIR-SDIR User Confidentiality Oath Form)
"If You Have a Bug" (pdf)
Complete this form then fax to the Help Desk at
(619) 692-6619.
User Suggestion Form (pdf)
Complete this form then fax to the Help Desk at
(619) 692-6619.
How are we doing?
If you have recently received service from any of our Registry staff, you are invited to download and complete our Customer Satisfaction Form and fax it to our Customer Service Manager at (619) 692-6619.

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