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San Diego Regional Immunization Registry

CalWORKS/Medi-Cal/Food Stamp Immunization Project

The CalWORKs/Medi-Cal/Food Stamp Immunization Project was started in June of 1996 as a collaborative effort between the county’s Child Welfare Services and Immunization programs. It was designed to meet the federal Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) and State CalWORKs requirement that dependent children under 6 years of age receiving assistance be fully immunized. In addition, the program alerts parents with dependent children under 6 years of age who receive Medi-Cal or Food Stamps about missing immunizations. By September 1998, all HHSA Family Resource Centers were participating in the immunization record assessment, which also included HHSA’s Medi-Cal & Food Stamp programs. Since December 2004 all HHSA sites have been using CAIR-SDIR to enter and assess children’s immunizations.

How CalWORKS and Immunizations Work Together:
At time of application or renewal, the client is asked to provide immunization records for children under the age of 6 to verify up-to-date status of immunizations. The record for that child will then be looked up in the SDIR. Upon verification of immunizations, the family is granted benefits. If the child is not up-to-date at time of application or renewal, the family will be given 45 days to comply with the immunization requirement. If the family does not comply with getting the pre-school children up-to-date on their immunizations, one adult in family will be sanctioned. If the child is not already in the SDIR, the Human Services Specialist or clerk will enter the child into the SDIR to verify up-to-date status of immunizations.

Click here for the Immunization Abbreviation tipsheet.

For more information on the CalWORKS project, please contact:

Danelle Wallace, MPH
Registry Manager/Epidemiologist
San Diego Regional Immunization Registry
Public Health Services
County of San Diego, Health and Human Services Agency
Email: DanelleRuth.Wallace@sdcounty.ca.gov
Direct: 619-542-4917

Mail Address:
Epidemiology and Immunization Services, Mail Stop P573
3851 Rosecrans Street, Suite 705
San Diego, CA 92110-3115

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