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San Diego Regional Immunization Registry
Helps Schools and Child Care Centers!

A great option for school districts to reduce the time spent with immunization records is to join the San Diego Regional Immunization Registry (SDIR). By having access to SDIR, school personnel can look up a student’s immunization record, print out an official California yellow card and create a blue CSIR card. This reduces time spent in trying to retrieve a lost card, decipher illegible shot information, call physician’s offices, and manually record the information on the CSIR card.

The registry is a confidential web based data base of over one million immunization records in San Diego County. Who puts in these records into the Registry? Community health clinics, private physicians, foster care, and community agencies (WIC and CalWorks) and all public health centers. The San Diego Regional Immunization Registry complies with HIPAA and FERPA laws for confidentiality of healthcare records. It is a free service and only requires a school administrator to sign a Memorandum of Agreement. Once this agreement is signed, a Registry Provider Liaison schedules school personnel for training on how to view immunization records and print both the official California yellow card and blue CSIR card. At that time they also receive a User ID and password to access the website.

For more information visit our SDIR webpage at:

Congratulations to all of the school districts and private schools already using the San Diego Regional Immunization Registry. Thank you for leading the way in simplifying the immunization aspect of the enrollment process for your staff. Because of groups like you, SDIR continues to grow!

If you would like a demonstration of the San Diego Regional Immunization Registry or would like more information, please contact:

SDIR Help Desk
Phone: (619) 692-5656
Email: sdir.hhsa@sdcounty.ca.gov