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San Diego Immunization Program

About the San Diego Immunization Program (SDIP)

Health and Human Services Agency
Immunization Branch
Programs and Services

The County of San Diego Immunization Program (SDIP) Mission:
SDIP works to eliminate vaccine preventable diseases by optimizing the ability
of the San Diego community to immunize its residents.

Clinical Services

Immunization Services
Immunizations are available at various sites throughout the county. For more information, please call 1-866-358-2966.

Influenza Vaccine Monitoring
SDIB monitors the distribution of State-purchased Influenza vaccine to local clinics, schools, colleges, skilled nursing facilities and other selected agencies and accounts for each dose distributed.
Contact: PHN Clinical Coordinator, (619) 692-5607

Vaccine-Preventable Disease (VPD)
Surveillance and Case Investigation SDIB conducts passive surveillance for vaccine-preventable diseases by reviewing data submitted from medical providers, infection control nurses, hospital and reference laboratories, and schools. Suspect and confirmed VPD cases are investigated and appropriate control measures are instituted to protect contacts.
Contact: PHN Clinical Coordinator, (619) 692-5607

Perinatal Hepatitis B Prevention Program
SDIB provides case management for pregnant women who test positive for Hepatitis B, including follow-up on infants and susceptible household contacts. Information and education is provided to medical providers and the general public, and the coordinator acts as liaison with laboratory personnel, health professionals and appropriate hospital staff.
Contact: Perinatal Hepatitis B Coordinator, (619) 692-8691.

Community Education and Training

Compliance with California School Immunization Law
Training and Technical Assistance Training on the California School Immunization Law requirements is offered for all San Diego County public and private schools, child care centers and family childcare providers who are required to check the immunization records of children in their care as part of the law. Assessment of immunization coverage and mandated reporting are part of this program. Technical assistance is available by phone to address questionable shot records or other concerns.
Contact: School & Child Care Coordinator, (619) 692-8366

Immunization Materials
The SDIB offers a variety of FREE Immunization Education Materials brochures, posters, and flyers for the general public, schools, providers, and other settings. You can view the materials and place your order online here:
(Materials Catalog) or by calling (619) 692-8825.


Evaluation and Community Assessment
Immunization Branch staff conduct immunization coverage level audits for public and private providers and for the community using various immunization assessment methods. Data from a variety of sources help to determine program direction.
Contact: Evaluation Manager, (619) 692-5683

Provider Services

Medical Resident Education
The Immunization Rotation is for residents in pediatrics, family practice, and internal residency programs of UCSD, U.S. Naval Medical Center, and Scripps. This curriculum emphasizes the principles of appropriate immunization practice, avoidance of missed opportunities to immunize, knowledge of appropriate contraindications to immunizations, and provision of all immunizations for which a patient is due at a single visit.
Contact: Resident Rotation Coordinator, (619) 692-5560

Provider Quality Assurance
Provider Quality Improvement Specialist (PQIS - formerly RPL) offers an in-office immunization management consultation program to San Diego County private medical care providers. Services include a tailored in-service educational presentation that targets strategies, and the use of the San Diego Regional Immunization Registry, to improve coverage rates for that practice. Services are free of charge and are conducted in the medical office.
Contact: Provider Quality Improvement Manager, (619) 692-6640

Immunization Services & Resources for Health Care Professionals
Please see this page for special educational and promotional resources focused on all immunizations, with emphasis on influenza and pertussis.

Medical Assistants Immunization Training
Medical Assistant training on immunization is offered quarterly, using the California Department of Public Health Immunization Skills Institute Model.
Contact: PHN Clinical Coordinator, (619) 692-5607


San Diego Regional Immunization Registry / California Immunization Registry (SDIR/CAIR)
SDIR/CAIR is an internet-based immunization information system (IIS) that enables medical providers and other authorized users enter and share an individual’s immunization information. The Registry calculates based on the vaccines a person as received, what immunizations are needed according to the recommended schedule. Providers then enter any new immunization data and provide an up-to-date record to the person. In addition, the registry is an effective tool for providers to manage their vaccine inventory and, produce reminder and recall mailings to patients/parents, and reports for quality assurance and improvement. Individuals residing in San Diego County can send their immunization records to the registry to have the information entered in the database. They then can access their record online when needed.
Contact: Registry Manager, (619) 692-8403

Private/Public Partnership Community Involvement

The San Diego Immunization Coalition (SDIC)
The San Diego County Immunization Coalition is a partnership with approximately 150 organizations working collaboratively to reduce vaccine-preventable diseases by raising immunization coverage for county children, adolescents and adults. Members participate by attending quarterly SDIC General Meetings, taking part in committee workgroups, and incorporating and implementing successful immunization activities into their organizations. Examples of partner activities include conducting special events to promote the importance of vaccines, promoting the use of the immunization registry, educating patients, staff or customers about immunizations and distributing educational materials.
Contact: Coalition Liaison, (619) 692-8825

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