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SDIB "Provider of the Year" Awards

The San Diego Immunization Branch (SDIB) is pleased to announce Amy Witman, MD,  Lisa Stellwagen, MD, and Pediatric Partners - Fallbrook (Main) as Providers of the Year for an exceptional contribution to advancing immunization services in San Diego County. These physicians were selected for their leadership in efforts to improve immunization practices and increasing coverage rates through implementation of innovative practices and participation in quality improvement projects. These awards were presented at the San Diego Immunization Coalition’s (SDIC) General meeting July 22nd at the Rosecrans facility.

Dr. Witman, an Internal Medicine physician at Scripps Clinic, has been a strong advocate of immunization to protect her patients for years.  She believes that “immunizations are one of the most cost-effective methods of keeping patients healthy and delivering good care.”Dr. Witman assesses all her patients for their immunization needs and stresses vaccination benefits to her patients.  She was the first provider at Scripps clinics to utilize the San Diego Regional Immunization Registry (SDIR) to enter and track her patients’ immunization histories.

Mark Sawyer, MD (left) with Amy Whitman, MD (right)

Dr. Stellwagen, as the Medical Director of Newborn Service and a Clinical Professor of Pediatrics, Division of Neonatology at UCSD School of Medicine, has led efforts to ensure newborns and their mothers are protected from whooping cough (pertussis) and other vaccine-preventable diseases. Family members are the cause of 75% of identified sources of pertussis infections in newborns. "The physicians and nurses at UCSD's Family Maternity Care Center are so pleased that we were able to partner with SDIB in this important program; implementing Pertussis (T-dap) vaccination in post-partum women is an important part of preventing pertussis in infancy… this is a ‘win-win’ situation for mothers and babies!”

Lisa Stellwagen, MD (left) with Jae Hansen, IMC (right)

Pediatric Partners - Fallbrook Main provides child friendly health services to children in Northern San Diego County. This past year Pediatric Partners surpassed the 2010 Healthy People’s goal of 80% for children’s basic immunization series. They increased their immunization rate to 100% for the series.  Even more impressive, they accomplished this while converting to a new EMR system. The SDIB is very proud of Pediatric Partners hard work and amazing results.

Mark Sawyer, MD (left) with Pediatric Partners Fallbrook - Main (center)
and Jennifer Sterling, IMC (right)

We wish to thank Dr. Witman, Scripps Clinic, Dr. Stellwagen, UCSD’s Family Maternity Care Center, and Pediatric Partners - Fallbrook Main for their efforts to protect their patients’ from vaccine preventable diseases. We were happy to present these awards to these immunization champions for all their hard work and accomplishments at the San Diego Immunization Coalition’s (SDIC) General July 22nd meeting.