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Pharmacy Vaccine Information

Your teen and adult patients need vaccines!

Do you have the vaccines they need at your clinic?

The medical home is the best place for patients to receive vaccines, but when that’s not possible nearby pharmacies are a great option! Your patients can easily find a pharmacy and most likely shop and fill prescriptions at a convenient location already. Some pharmacies will bill directly to your patient’s health insurance making vaccination easy and affordable for many patients; but patients should definitely check with their individual plans. And for your clinic, it will be simple for the pharmacy to share immunization information with you.

With California’s current pertussis epidemic, it is important that all people between the ages of 11 and 64 years receive one dose of Tdap. The 2010-2011 influenza season is fast approaching and there is a universal recommendation for flu vaccine stating anyone who wishes to have a flu vaccine should get one.

Here’s how you can utilize pharmacies to get your patients vaccinated:

  1. Screen your patients. Check the patient’s chart, immunization card, or just ask to see which vaccines a patient has received. Check vaccine recommendations for teens and adults. If a patient is missing vaccines you don’t offer…
  2. Write a “prescription” for the missing vaccine(s). Unlike medications, vaccines don’t require a prescription. But it is an easy and familiar way to convey to the patient and pharmacy staff that a vaccine is needed.
  3. Provide your patients with a Pharmacy Referral List. These referral sheets let you and your patients know where vaccines are available. Their current pharmacy is probably on the list!
  4. Document the vaccination. After the patient has received a vaccine it is important to document it in the medical record. Most pharmacies will be happy to send confirmation to your clinic that a vaccine was given. SDIB can provide your clinic with Adult Immunization Record & History forms. The San Diego Regional Immunization Registry (SDIR) is a simple and effective way to document vaccines and it also forecasts which vaccines patients need.