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It's Preteen Vaccine Week!

PROTECT Their Health for the Years Ahead: Immunize Your Preteen!

This year’s Preteen Vaccine Week campaign aims to raise awareness about California’s Tdap vaccine requirement for students starting 7th grade, immunization recommendations for 11- and 12-year-olds, and promote the preteen doctor visit. These requirements and recommendations all have one goal: to keep preteens healthy.

Parents: You can’t be by your preteen’s side every minute—immunizing your child is one thing you can do to protect their health today and for many years to come.

The federal Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices currently recommends that 11- and 12-year-olds receive Tdap, meningococcal vaccine, HPV vaccine, and an annual flu vaccine. Some preteens may also need to catch up on other immunizations, including chickenpox (many don’t have their 2nd dose), MMR (measles, mumps, rubella), and hepatitis B.

There’s an important immunization requirement for kids who are starting 7th grade: the whooping cough booster shot (Tdap vaccine). Preteens who don’t have proof of getting this vaccine may not be able to start 7th grade until they do get it. So don’t wait; make an appointment with your doctor or at your clinic as soon as possible.

Adults should get a Tdap booster shot, too, if they haven’t already, to protect themselves, their families and friends, and the community.

There’s another excellent reason to make sure your preteen stays current Tdap and other vaccines required for school entry. Your child could be required to stay home if he/she isn’t up-to-date with those vaccines during an outbreak.

Make an appointment for the preteen health checkup, and be sure to ask about immunizations your child may need. You can PROTECT Their Health for the Years Ahead—Immunize your Preteen Today!

Immunization Comfort Tips for Parents of Preteens
Nobody enjoys shots, but they are necessary to help protect your preteen’s health. For a list of tips to help make your preteen less uncomfortable before, during and after shots, click here.

CDC Has Easy-to-Understand Preteen/Teen Recommended Immunization Schedule Available on Its Website
This user-friendly schedule covers the immunizations recommended for ages 7-18 years, in a colorful and easy-to-read format. You can download and print it from this web page. That same web page also features the schedule in Spanish, as well as a quiz on adolescent immunizations and a downloadable tool to determine which vaccines your 7-18-year-old may need.

For more information about four important vaccines preteens and teens may need, visit this CDC web page.




Here is a list of some links to good online resources about preteen immunization:.

Web Resources List

Downloadable Preteen Immunization Materials

(Please note that some of these materials are also available for ordering by schools, child care, immunization providers and others from our online materials catalog.)

Vaccines For Your Preteen
(11" x 8.5" flyer for parents--double sided English and Spanish)

Protect Their Health For The Years Ahead (8.5" x 11" flyer--double sided English and Spanish)

Goal! Immunizations Are Your Best Shot. (11" x 8.5" brochure for parents in English)
(same brochure in Spanish)

Goal! Immunizations Are Your Best Shot. (12" x 20" poster in English)
(same poster in Spanish)