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San Diego Regional Immunization Registry

SDIR/CAIR Enrollment and Participation


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Providers are welcome to enroll and participate in the San Diego Immunization Registry (SDIR)

Before joining SDIR, all participants must:

  • be an entity allowed under California Health and Safety Code Sections 120440 and 120175 to participate in a registry
  • sign a Provider Agreement form with SDIR
  • have their staff attend an SDIR training facilitated by an official SDIR staff person
  • be available for periodic follow-up visits by a SDIR representative
  • inform parents/patients that records will be shared with others, give opportunity to "opt out" and provide SDIR Disclosure form
  • conform to federal guidelines for protected health information as stated under HIPAA

Before you join the registry, you should assess your practice for your clinic’s operational readiness! There are several ways to use this immunization management tool and SDIR staff will work with you to implement the registry in any size or type of practice. Below is an outline of the optimal operational process using SDIR.



Office Area

Step 1:
Log on to SDIR

from any computer in the office/practice

1. Staff updates vaccinators for the day.

2. Staff reviews facility/site vaccine inventory.

Step 2:
Patient registration

nurses station, exam room or other available computer

1. The patient/parent is asked for the CA Immunization Record (CIR) also known as the yellow card or other immunization record.

2. The staff searches for the patient in SDIR.

If patient is found, they verify that demographic information is current as well as enter any shots shown on the CIR that are not found in SDIR.

If the patient is not found, staff will then create a new record by entering demographic and historical immunization record information.

Step 3: Assessment

nurses station, exam room or other available computer

1. Staff assesses using SDIR (or printout) to determine if shots are needed.

2. The provider verifies the recommendation and orders shots.

3. The shots are given.

Step 4:
Data entry of shots given

nurses station, exam room or other available computer

1. The shots are entered as they are prepared or after they are given (on the same day.)

2. The next due date is automatically generated by SDIR or entered manually by the user and the patient and/or parent is informed when to return.

Step 5:
The CIR is updated

nurses station, exam room or other available computer

1. Shots are documented on patient's CIR (if patient has no CIR, a new CIR is printed out for the patient and/or parent.)

2. Shots are documented in patient chart or an updated patient immunization report is printed for patient record.

Benefits of using the optimal method:

  • Using the registry as an assessment tool prior to or at the time of the visit reduces missed opportunities
  • All immunizations given are entered into the registry and thereby a complete record of all immunizations given by any provider is generated
  • Allows for use of reminder and recall activities
  • Data entry is integrated into the office flow and doesn’t pile up

Other benefits for providers:
Using an immunization registry may seem more time-consuming at the beginning, but it actually will save your practice staff time! 

Click on this link to estimate your savings:


Read other testimonials from health care providers about their use of the immunization registry:

Contact us at: sdir.hhsa@sdcounty.ca.gov 
(Email requests may be delayed. Call our Help Desk at (619) 692-5656 for prompt assistance.)

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